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PTX’s in-depth research team aims to uncover data-driven insights in key areas of interest to validate stakeholder decision-making. We explore areas across a business, the competitive landscape or wider industry trends to identify hidden trends or uncover missed opportunities.

Business Analysis

Deep dive into your organisation with an external analysis of your existing strategy or areas of interest to identify hidden insights. Areas include product strategy evaluation or capability assessment to help you better understand your value proposition.

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Market Research

Demystify the local market conditions, analysing competitor focus and customer feedback to identify hidden opportunities. We verify target market demand drivers or evaluate existing portfolios to educate internal business thinking.

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Industry Trends

Research and dissect emerging trends and technologies, enlightening business leaders to understand future possibilities. We investigate all the industry noise and provide an educated analysis of possible new opportunities.

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In-depth insight

Detailed analysis of internal areas of interest or customer behaviour and preferences


Competitive review

Uncover hidden market conditions and stay ahead of the competition


Opportunity assessment

Evaluate opportunities in targeted customer segments, operational efficiency or competitive advantage


Emerging trend analysis

Access foresight into emerging trends and their impact and opportunities for your business


Growth opportunity

Identify and seize opportunity in target customer segments and regions


Product offering optimisation

Optimise your existing product offerings for maximum efficiency and cost savings


Informed decision making

Utilise actionable insights with data-driven analysis and recommendations

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